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La-14® introduction

L acidophilus La-14® is a lactic acid bacterium of human origin that has been documented in over 50 scientific studies, including 18 clinical trials.  Preclinical studies have shown La-14® can impact both the innate and adaptive immune system.1,2  These effects and antipathogenic activity are thought to be potential mechanisms behind the efficacy of La-14® combined with HN001™ in women’s health.3,4 In addition, these two strains together have been shown to support healthy vaginal colonization through oral supplementation.5

37 In vitro through product functionality studies


Clinical trials

Women’s Health (Vaginal colonization)  10 billion La-14®, HN001™, lactoferrin De Alberti D, et al. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2015;292(4):861-867.
Women’s Health (Vaginitis/vaginosis)  5 billion La-14®, HN001™, with 50 mg of bovine lactoferrin RCX™ Russo R, et al. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2018;298(1):139-145.
Women’s Health (Bacterial vaginosis)  5-10 billion La-14®, HN001™, lactoferrin in patients being treated with metronidazole (500 mg twice daily) Russo R, et al. Benef Microbes. 2019;10(1):19-26.
Women’s Health (Vulvovaginal candidiasis) 5-10 billion La-14®, HN001™, lactoferrin in patients being treated with topical clotrimazole (100 mg) Russo R, et al. Mycoses. 2018;62(4):328-335.

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