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HOWARU® probiotic strains are developed, extensively researched, and clinically studied by IFF.

Our probiotic strains go through many processing steps before reaching the shelf in foods and supplements. Because they are live organisms, effort must be made to ensure that they remain active. This requires going well beyond simple and proper product handling. It requires unique formulation design and stability and specialized manufacturing-technology processes to ensure quality and safety.

What Makes Us Different?

We design and choose strains based on formulation and stability.

With more than 100 years of probiotic development and manufacturing experience, our scientists have studied thousands of strains, gone the extra step, and selected strains with clinically demonstrated benefits to be designated as HOWARU®.

We use specialized manufacturing-technology processes.

Our special fermentation method and patented freeze-drying and stabilizing technology keep the probiotics stable and alive throughout the entire production process.


HOWARU® single strains or preformulated blends have demonstrated efficacy in gold-standard human clinical trials. Clinical studies on HOWARU® strains are conducted under Good Clinical Practice guidelines to ensure the highest scientific and ethical standards. Our strains appear in leading peer-reviewed publications and evidence-based guidelines.


Our meticulous and thorough testing processes make HOWARU® probiotics unlike many other options. The complete genome of each strain has been sequenced and fully assembled to properly classify to the genus, species, and strain levels. We also test for virulence and toxigenic properties and the absence of antibiotic resistance transfer potential. From genetic screening to FDA acceptance, HOWARU® strains are subject to unique quality and safety evaluations.
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